7 Ways To Make Money With Bikes

By Troy Stamps •  Updated: 03/21/20 •  8 min read

I want to share with you how you can make money with bikes.

How to make money with bikes? You need to provide or sell a service to people who will continue to have a need for it on a regular basis. In today’s market where many businesses can now do business online, it makes it difficult for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to succeed. But with bike-driven services, excluding the business of e-commerce, many can still make money with bikes through delivery apps, repair services, custom parts & products, and bike-sharing platforms.

I also noted some ways you may not have thought of that can also help you to make money with bikes.

These ideas may not make you wealthy but will be practical and simple enough an amateur could do it. Also, I find the gig economy and sharing economy to be very cool so I added some of those applications too.

Overall, I hope you find the following to be informative and entertaining.

Be A Courier For Caviar

This San Francisco-based startup has made it more convenient for customers to order from their favorite restaurants who don’t have time to pick up food at a restaurant and or can’t physically get out.

It’s a service that provides food delivery from local restaurants to homes and offices.

Yet, many people still do not know about Caviar. It might be that they are popular among heavily dense populations like SF, Los Angeles, New York, and others. But they’re becoming more popular.

As a courier, one benefit of this side gig is the flexibility to choose when and where you want to work. You can also choose to bike, drive, and or deliver by Boosted Board (Don’t say I told you so)

The caveat with working for apps like Caviar though is that you’re an independent contractor. You will not become wealthy but it is an easy way to make some quick cash.

Sign up and try out Caviar today: https://www.trycaviar.com/apply

If you don’t want to deliver but would like to order food then use my referral code for $10 off your first order: trycaviarapp

List Your Bike On Spinlister

The Spinlister app is a peer-to-peer global bike-sharing platform that you can use to rent out your unused or spare bike to make some extra cash.

Some bicycle collectors have raked-in-the-cash by renting out some of their fleets, creating a side business just from renting out bikes. Bike rental rates can range from $20 – $30 a day for most bikes. While more high-end bikes rent out for $80-$100 dollars a day. It depends on the type of bike your renting and the duration you plan on renting it for.

I’m an avid Spinlister user myself so I can vouch for this platform being legit and very easy to rent some nice and unique bikes for your next adventure.

Rent out your next ride near you.

Create Accessories From Upcycled Materials

Do you love art? Perhaps, you have an eye for fashion & design?

There are great artists who have created accessories like belts, jewelry, and bags from upcycled bicycle tires and inner tubes.

What makes these items so great is that they are hand-made custom pieces, made of quality materials, and durable.

Materials such as bicycle tires and inner tubes can be obtained relatively cheap or even free. Also learning how to design and DIY accessories is not that hard at all. Just check out YouTube or Pinterest where there are hundreds of tutorials and guides on how to do this.

I highly recommend you to follow these IG accounts for inspiration or even to purchase some of their unique fashion:





Start upcycling today and help reduce the waste making for a cleaner environment!

Buy, Repair, And Sell Bikes

Now, to really make money with this it would be a plus if you know a little bit about how to fix and repair bikes.

Many bikes are either sitting in garages or end up in the next garage sale.

Some bikes are on the lower end, but if you do your homework you can still find some great bikes on Craigslist and other apps like Offerup & Letgo! that you can resell.

There is a website I’ve come across in which you might be able to obtain a free bicycle and sell for a profit. (This is very rare but possible.) The site is:freecycle.org

If you can barter well, you might get a great trade on a bike that you can then later sell.

This way of making money with bikes will take time and patience but might be very lucrative for the skilled reseller.

Start A Blog in 2020

For many years I often found myself drowning in wishful thinking that a passion would fall in my lap and I would write about it. Over time, through my passion for cycling, a blog was developed.

What’s even more interesting on this path, I’ve discovered something can be learned from cycling. I found out that cycling not only builds up health and fitness attributes but things that may go unseen by others.

Now we all fall short sometimes, and some challenges are not as easy to face. So while you’re out riding one day it may help to let your mind work through the challenges.

Cycling can be mental as it is physical to complete your purpose. You have to be mentally prepared to undergo a challenge before accomplishing that goal.

What I’ve learned from cycling is the courage to take on new challenges. Sure it’s empowering to push yourself to go a long distance in a matter of hours, for instance, making your first century.

But I’ve been put to the test to try other things related to road cycling, like building a blog, starting a YouTube channel and learning about digital marketing.

As of recently, I’ve enhanced this skill through my research and by taking a course called Project 24.

They give you 60 steps. A step-by-step course on how to build a profitable niche site. The course is packed full of video training and resources.

There are recipes taught on how to find low competition keywords that drive traffic organically and help you dominate SEO.

If you’re a complete beginner they even give a step-by-step process on how to set up a WordPress website.

Many advanced niche site builders/bloggers would be blown away by the content in the course to help them improve their niche sites as well as starting a YouTube channel to help push traffic to it.

Bike Detailing

I was inspired by this YouTuber “RidesofJapan” when coming up with this idea. This Youtuber posted a video that talked about his greatest obsession with cleaning his bike.

After watching his video he shows you how he cleans his bike every Sunday getting the chain clean which he advocates, “A clean bike = A silent bike and A silent bike = Happy Days.”

Now, when I watched this video I thought to myself that this is crazy.

Who would spend so much time cleaning their bike every single week or after every 62 -100 miles.

But, it dawned on me that someone could turn this into a service business.

You could charge people $25- $50 per bike to clean it in detail to the extent that RidesofJapan shows you in his video.

If you are willing to invest the time and effort this could be a mobile business that you can do in your local area and make some extra cash with bikes.

Cargo Bike Delivery

What if I lent you $10,000 to Quit Your Job and start a cargo bike delivery business?

This is exactly what Amazon.com, Inc is doing in New York, USA.

In the New York Times, there was an article published that stated how some delivery businesses are trying to replace trucks that are on the streets of New York with cargo bikes.

Companies like DHL, Amazon, and Ups are a few of the businesses looking to take advantage of this.

Amazon.com, Inc has given this incentive a try or has taken the lead to implement this program to launch 100 cargo bikes with 90 of them being from Amazon.

This will encourage drivers to get off these trucks and on pedal-assist cargo bikes, delivering to and from businesses in the city.

This not only will it reduce traffic tremendously but also the pollution that emits from diesel trucks and automobiles in New York.

Read more details about this program and its benefits.

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Troy Stamps is an avid cyclist based out of California. Road cycling is his passion which he's been doing his whole life and he has even competed in some local races. He loves getting new people into the sport and teaching them how to change their life through cycling.

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