Where Can I Put My Phone When Cycling?

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In today’s world, we can’t help but be attached to things that make our lives easier. Since the 21st Century’s innovation in technology, smartphones “have connected people in dire need, with services that can change their lives”, according to one CNN article.

But as an active and busy person, one may wonder how do they carry their belongings while also keeping them secure and protected? Since this blog is about cycling, let’s consider a common questions cyclists ask:

This is a nice list of options for those cyclists looking for alternative ways to carry their cellphone and other belongings. But I also invite you to read on to find out more details about why these are awesome ways to carry your prized possessions and where you can find them.

10. Jersey Pocket

Probably the most common place to put your cell is in one of those pockets on the back of a cycling jersey. Not everyone rides with a cycling jersey but those that do would tell you that this is the best place to pack things.

Remember that using your cell while cycling makes you more vulnerable to accidents. So ride with caution and in stealth mode.

I often place my cell in the middle pocket of my cycling jersey, as many cyclists do. Some even favor a pocket, whether it’s the left or right pocket for easier access.

For the most part, putting your cell phones, keys or any other small accessory in your jersey pocket will be secure and easy to reach for quick access.


9. Pants Pocket

Very few carry a cell phone in their pants pocket.

For instance, someone could be riding with a phone in their pocket and it slips. Slips happen but it will not be so nice for that new upgraded iPhone or android made of glass material.

I once caught myself trying to be a videographer while cycling with my cell in the front pocket of my jacket (Not pants pocket, but still a valid example) and it only took one drop to cause my new android phone to crack its backing.

Some people probably will not have this slippage problem with their pants if they have cargo pockets with Velcro and zippers. But with so little protection holding your cell, it’s still risky to carry it this way.

If you still insist on carrying a cell in your pocket, consider using an Otterbox Defender Available on Amazon.com, for that bad boy.

Some brownie points for the Otterbox Defender Cases:


8. Topeak Large Aero Pack

Some cyclists make it a custom to attach a saddle bag under their seat because it’s a great way to store things like your bike tools and patch kit. I know when I first started out cycling I used a saddlebag and it served its function for holding the basic tools needed for a decent bike ride.

Many may not place their phones in their saddle bag or pouch due to it being full after all those tools and accessories you packed in there.

But there would still be some room for your phone and keys if you had a Topeak Large Aero Pack.

What’s in it for you:


7. Camelbak

By far the Camelbak bags are one of my favorite bags to carry with me on bike rides. I usually take this along with me on shorter or more rugged gravel rides.

Not only will this bag hold a couple of liters of water with the internal bladder, but it also has other pockets and zippered areas to store things.

Most Camelbaks have a pocket that’s designed for cell phones and snacks.

Pockets are soft and protect belongings if you happen to fall.

What’s in my Camelbak?


6. Osprey Daylite Pack

This bag is similar to carrying a Camelbak but with more features such as custom fitting for you. You would most likely find athletes who mountain bike or race in endurance cycling events wearing this bag.

Although this bag (Osprey Daylite Pack) is great for those types of athletes, it also serves as a nice day bag to carry along for remote rides.

Here are some features that make it great:


5. Armband

This accessory is typically worn by runners and gym rats but I will place this one on the list. Some cyclists still like to use an armband to carry their cell phones from time to time.

One of the nice things about using an armband holder for your cell phone is that it’s out of the way and lightweight to carry. Armbands come in many different sizes to fit your phone and they can be sweat resistant.

The best thing to have with your armband cell phone case is a set of Bluetooth earbuds if you need to make calls while riding or to hear turn-by-turn directions. Taking phones out of armband cases sometimes be cumbersome, so using Bluetooth devices or not even taking the phone out at all will save you some trouble.

Armband cases can provide a secure place to carry your phone depending on the material it’s made of. You may want to look for armband cases that have closures you have to zip. Also, look for armbands that have clear windows for quick views of your phone.

For instance, the Tune Belt Armbands are a great choice for those with active lifestyles including cyclists. They fit a variety of phones and in some cases with your phone case too!

A highlight of Tune Belt’s features:


4. Top Tube Bag

The benefits of using a top tube bag are to view Google maps or track your stats on Strava.

It’s nice to be able to have your phone in a clear view. A top tube bag makes it easy to glance quickly across the screen and know if you’re on the right road or following the right route.

I often found myself using handlebar mounts for my cell phone only to be disappointed at times when the weather was less than favorable. At other times, some handlebar mounts scratched up the beautiful frame of my bike.

A nice solution to the problem I encountered is using RockBros Top Tube Bag.

What to expect with this item:


3. Inner Tube Bag

The idea of attaching things to your bike’s frame or handlebars may not appeal to everyone. In fact, even wearing a backpack now while cycling is not as comfortable and stylish as before.

One of the oldest bags created that has maintained its trend among men and women is the messenger bag.

Messenger bags have been around for who knows how long, and yet they seem to fit one’s everyday lifestyle.

It has been a favorite bag of choice among bicycle messenger for years and now college students have grown to love them for carrying textbooks.

Over time many brands have put their own special touch designing messenger bags with an emphasis on using upcycled materials, or materials that have been reused like innertubes. If you are going to protect your phone in a bag, rubber materials will be a way to go.

For anyone looking beyond a backpack or bike frame accessory, then you need a Neomatic Messenger Bag, Available at Neomaticworkshop.com.

Here’s what they have to offer:

Instagram at @neo_matic

2. Chrome Industries Urban Sling Bag

Like messenger bags, there are these smaller sling bags that may do just fine for others looking for a lowkey carrier for daily use.

Known among urban cyclists and city dwellers around, we have Chrome Industries who have paved their way in the messenger bag space to become a household name.

Their gear has been shaped by the city they dwell in and created for people who want to grab life by the horns.

There is no doubt that Chrome sets the industry standard for messenger bags. You can also find a lightweight bag called the Chrome Industries Urban Ex Sling Bag if you are looking for a compact messenger-type bag.

Just check out the stats:


1. Triangle Bike Frame Bag

By far, one of my favorite ways to carry my mobile phone, tools, and accessories is in a triangle bike frame bag. I use to think that these types of bags were only for cross country riders and endurance racers.

Once I bought a triangle bike frame bag, I was hooked. The bag is great for bike tools, snacks, holding a battery pack, innertubes, and much more.

The best part about using this specific frame bag is that it’s usually out of the way and conveniently sits in between the frame. You almost forget it’s even there.

Many cyclists who use them also swear by their ease of use and functionality. Also, I find that I can’t ride anymore without one because it keeps my jersey pockets bulk-free and I don’t have to worry about things falling out.

Just to be fair, there are many triangle bike frame bags out there, but the one I highly recommend you try is the Jandd Frame Pack, Available at Jandd.com.

I use to be somewhat against frame packs because of their bulky look and style. It just did not appeal to me before. Of course, I had to get one and try it out for myself. Now i’m very happy I did and it was my best purchase next to buying my gravel bike.

The Faqs:

The bag is designed to fit below the top tube and behind the head tube

Secures nicely to bike frame with its four-point attachment

Made of durable waterproof fabric

Full-length, zippered pocket on both sides

Options on the website offer custom logo embroidered bags

Limited stock. Get one while it last


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