When Dating A Cyclist, What Should I Expect?



For some odd reason people who are single and attractive favor people who are single and attractive in addition to being athletic. That person might be introduced one day to someone who just so happens to be an avid cyclist.  Let me tell you what you can look forward to.

The real honest truth about what you would expect is a passionate, driven and crazy person who is “Not A Human Being”.


They love to talk about what they are passionate about


Cyclist love to work hard and push themselves to the limit.  It challenges their mind, body, and spirit and may even be their occupation.

It becomes a way of life, so much so, that they’ll want to be involved in it any way they can and at almost every spare opportunity.

Conversations about cycling will be brought up often and if you are not doing it yet, you’ll be talked into trying it out for yourself.

It’s not really that negative to have cycling on the mind all the time, but then there comes a time where we have to be balanced.


Weekends are meant for long rides on the bicycle


We get to the weekend either after a long week of working and school and we just want to sleep in the next day and relax.

The biological clock of a cyclist is in bike mode come Saturday morning and it’s very likely their day starts at the crack of dawn so they can get a heads start before the mid-morning rush of traffic comes.

Sometimes that 2-hour ride ends up becoming 5 hours because the cyclist couldn’t help him/herself to a little challenge along the way.


Shaved and well-groomed come race day


In the world of cycling, it’s looked down upon having legs as hairy as Chewbacca sticking out of your lycra.

What you’ll expect from your mate, will be a well-kept person who is in tune with staying aero with hairless legs and etc.

Don’t be surprised if their legs are more smooth and better looking than yours as a cyclist has gotten the shaving part down to a tee.


Cyclist are Great Napsters


This is not to be confused with using the former free file sharing music software Napster.

Usually, after cycling and tackling a long day of riding on the weekends, all one’s want to do is sleep and rest the body.

Taking naps are a healthy way of giving the body much needed recovery time, but be in store for heavy doses of napping if the person cycles a lot.

Naps can be an awesome bonding technique don’t you think?  Joking.

Recovery naps are king and sometimes everyone needs to take a breather to readjust, refuel and wind down from the cycle of life.


If you’re going to date a cyclist you better be paid


With great cycling comes big spending and let’s face it, the gear and bikes associated with cycling are not cheap.

In the worlds biggest sports goods industry, cycling in the U.S. alone has averaged 6.2 billion dollars in the market.

Avid cyclist tends to spend generously on their bikes and gear to ride comfortably and or gain better performance.

In addition to paying a lot for gear and bikes, cyclist builds up a pretty good appetite after a workout so lots of eating is in order.

They tend to buy more food, snacks, and gels to refuel after longer endurance rides where they burn many calories.


You will have plenty of alone time


When dating a cyclist, as a non-cyclist, you will find plenty of “me” time to yourself.

Use this time wisely, as they say, to work on what you are interested in and something proactive and engaging.

It will be OK to be alone, as this time will allow you to reflect on the qualities that attracted you to this person and maybe even stir up some passions of your own.


It has been said that avid cyclists are better drivers on the road


Ever get in the car with that someone and can’t help to brace yourself for the NASCAR experience you could have lived without?  

Not to worry, for, with someone who cycles often, they are usually more observant and cautious drivers.

In my opinion, cyclists are better navigators too because if they have ridden the roads often in their own backyard, areas become more familiar and they get around well.


Benefit others through charitable riding


Due to technology and sponsorship that are available to help aid others with medical or economic needs, your cyclist mate might be a generous participant.

So that also means you will be their number one sponsor right?  It really depends on you, but at least you will get a sense if the person you’re dealing with cares about others.

Charitable events can take on different forms where cycling is one of the activities to raise awareness of a cause, but you may find yourself contributing by doing a walk associated with the cause.

Contributing in some way can definitely benefit not only the both of you but most importantly the cause that’s being considered.


You might be inspired by their drive


A cyclist who rides a lot, join cycling clubs and social meetups, think differently about the world around them.

They tend to possess Type A personalities which might conclude that they are more competitive, highly organized, ambitious and goal oriented.

It’s also fair to say that avid cyclists are impatient when striving for better performance, reaching certain milestones in their journey, and when waiting on better weather for cycling.

Some people will either be moved toward joining their significant other on a bike ride or they might be moved to take up a hobby of their own.

It’s really great when each partner supports and motivates each other as it can create a sense of utopia and connection.


Dating a cyclist can make/ break a relationship


Some have experienced improved relationships while dating someone who is into cycling.  This is likely due to the positive hormones released from cycling that contribute to a balanced mood.

While there are others who have suffered bad breakups because of mismanaged priorities and lack of consideration for the other person’s feelings.

It will come down to a person’s management of priorities and if they participate in cycling activities in a balanced way.

Now there is no perfect relationship, but there can be a healthy one if both partners make it a priority to make each other feel important.


Increased sex drive and energy


Cycling is a sport that’s great for conditioning the heart and aids in increasing energy levels in other areas of your body.

When we put our bodies through physical activity such as cycling or any cardiovascular fitness, we become more in tune with our body and sensations.

Could you imagine how being athletic could give you and or your partner that competitive edge in the bedroom!


More attractive to the eyes


In general, anyone who is conscious of their fitness will look attractive to the naked eye.

There have been studies, specifically with pro cyclist, where woman have rated fast cyclist in the tours as more attractive.

This could definitely be the case as the more fit, fast, and intelligent riders draw attraction.

It’s sexy, attractive, you name it when someone is at the top of their game and successful whether it be cycling or anything else.


Cycling Brag Stories


Who doesn’t like a good story, but then there are the stories for avid cyclist you will hear about it until the wheels fall off about their cycling performance.

“Remember that time I dragged my bike up  Haleakala Crater in the Cycle To The Sun challenge”, or that time at “North Star Mountain Resort. where I almost died during the downhill competition but came back and won”, will be the stories of your life.

I know we all may have bragged about some incredible things we thought we could never do.

Let’s celebrate those moments of their life because it may never be relived again.


Dating a person who is a cyclist


Granted this is not a blog about dating but my hope is that some light has been shed on what one might expect from dating a cyclist.

Much of what you may read about dating a cyclist could be negative, but it doesn’t have to be.

To reflect on what you might expect, it really does come down to meeting a really passionate, driven, crazy (in a good way), non-human being that’s awesome to be around.

You’ll want to be the type of person who’s attracted to a cyclist because of their adventurous spirit and drive.

Maybe one way or another the two of you might share the common passion for cycling and become unstoppable on the road.

It really comes down to just being true to yourself and what you want out of life, whatever road that takes you on.


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