It’s doesn’t matter how long or how short you ride, you’re going to want cycling shorts to make the ride more comfortable.  Your butt will thank you for it! You may only be starting with short distances at first but as you venture out to more challenging rides, the extra padding helps prevent saddle sores.  You will still feel some discomfort down there but a least the cycling shorts give you more protection than riding without padded cycling shorts.

I usually would suggest wearing the Castelli Ergo Tre Bib Shorts -exclusive to Performance Bicycle, which is a good entry-level bib short for a beginner.  But now a better recommendation would be the Castelli Free Aero Race Bib Shorts.


Why Bib Shorts Over Regular


The short answer:  bib shorts are one piece and usually more comfortable in the padded area.  

I actually switched between regular cycling shorts and bib shorts depending on how long my ride will be and how I’m feeling that day.  But overall, bib shorts are a winner in my book.

Bib shorts are an option of choice because they don’t have a waistband.  They fit more comfortably and offer better support of the chamois with your body.  Also, an added sense of confidence is gained knowing that your bib shorts won’t show skin on the backside like regular shorts.

I seldom recommend cycling shorts that cost over $100, and even convinced myself that no one would want to pay $100 (or more) for cycling shorts.  But from experience wearing Pear Izumi and the generic brands sold by Big 5, I became more interested in finding quality high-end bib shorts.

Some would also agree that after they stopped buying cheap cycling shorts and upgraded to bib shorts, they couldn’t go back.  Anyone buying the Castelli Free Aero Race Bib Short will ride in them once and will become hooked.

I find that bib shorts fit perfectly around my body! I give two thumbs up to Castelli’s padded shorts, which perfectly align in the right places and make riding that much more enjoyable.  It’s important to note that most bib shorts have great sweat-wicking material that will keep you dry even on the hottest days.

One drawback to having bib shorts for some is getting used to the straps integrated into the shorts. This can make going to the bathroom a real chore since the straps can’t be removed. There is no quick access zipper in the front or back and you pretty much have to take the whole bib short off.


What To Look For In Bib Shorts


With so many brands and materials to choose from when it comes to cycling shorts, it may be overwhelming to settle on just one.  Here’s where Castelli Free Aero Race Bib shorts will exceed your expectations.

Castelli is well-known specifically for developing high-quality products that are cut in such a way that it complements the athlete.  They also provide an optimal fit and are unbelievably comfortable for cycling.

It can be a challenge for some to find comfortable, high-quality cycling bib/shorts.  

To be honest with you it’s a good idea to try some on in a store to get a good feel and idea of what suits you.  Consider some specific characteristics to base your decision on.


10 Things To Look For:


Even with all the benefits and features, these types of shorts provide, some may still pass on bib shorts.

The reasons vary, but one thing that may stand out is that you may feel uncomfortable with how they look.  Don’t worry about how they look because when wearing a cycling jersey or jacket over them, many won’t be able to tell you to have on bib shorts.

Often most riders will choose regular cycling shorts because of the ease of use.  They may also prefer the regular kind due to lower costs as well.

I believe every cyclist whether you’re a beginner or experienced, should own a pair of cycling bib shorts as part of your clothing.

To be real with you, cycling bibs are premium bike shorts, but they offer greater comfort and maybe the best thing money can buy.


Are Castelli  Free Aero Race Bib Shorts A Good Investment


Ask any cyclist about Castelli’s brand and they would tell you that they hold the standard for cycling gear.

If you want to forget about money and get the best value for you and your body, then Castelli’s bib short, hands down, is a good investment.

I can attest to the fact that it’s disappointing to find a lack of quality cycling shorts at your local bargain/discount department stores.  If you do find some at all you can be sure that it won’t be your last time purchasing from them.

You may have to purchase another set again, and again, and you get the point.  The quality just doesn’t compare to the more high-end gear. You may even give up on cheap shorts or even cycling.

I almost gave up on cycling, slightly, because of how cheap cycling shorts fit my body.  It can be brutally uncomfortable. Once I decided to invest in something more durable and high-end, I asked myself why didn’t I act on this earlier.

For example, why do people invest in expensive shoes branded by famous athletes and music artists? They not only want to look good but they want quality. The products from those brands are most likely to last longer and hold up well with proper care.

If you may be worried about how much you are spending on an item, just consider taking care of them.  Take note of the instructions of care provided by Castelli.

One of the best ways to know if an investment is worthy of your consideration is to do your research. Read reviews such as these and weigh out the pros and cons of what your research returns.

After you do your due diligence, all I have to say is (paraphrasing Men’s Warehouse): “You’re going to love the way it fits, I guarantee it”.