Fly Pedals

You’ll never know what you’re going to get when you’re at a stoplight or coming close to a stop in your clipless pedals when you lose all bearings and lean into the most epic fall of your life.  Trust me I’ve done this plenty of times.

 Do you recall those funny commercial scenes showing a racer almost etching across the finish line, then all of a sudden trips up on something and goes flying face-first into the asphalt with their pride on their sleeve?  

That’s exactly how it feels when falling off your bike with clipless pedals.  When you fall, you fall hard.  But with Fly pedals, you don’t have to!

There are many pros and cons of riding clipless pedals but I’m not here to discuss them.  I will, however, share these neat clipless pedal adaptors that will allow you to ride casually without the embarrassment riders are no strangers to – clipless fails. 

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Introducing the first-ever completely Universal Clipless Pedals!  What a great idea I thought when I first came across these on a Kickstarter sponsored site.  Dan Lucchesi & Bryan Gardner have brilliantly created a lightweight, affordable and compatible platform adapter to be used on a clipless mountain or road bike.  It’s so compatible that it will fit with every clipless metal system on the market today! 

The Original Fly Pedals have been designed for the casual rider in mind.  No more tooling around with clipless pedals if you own a pair of these.  The pedals are made of 100% Aircraft grade aluminum, have ridges for foot grip, and are backed by Fly Pedals Lifetime Warranty.

Why wouldn’t you just buy toe clips or strap-pedals?

It’s true you could do just that, but if you have one of those nice 4-figures road bikes, it will look cheap and throw off the bike’s look.  Then again that might not be a bad idea in order to avoid problem bike thieves.  On another notion, these pedal adapters make it incredibly easy to switch up your clipless pedals to a more casual ride without having to change bikes or completely change the pedals

Another reason these pedals would be a great buy is that they literally fit in your pocket and once again they are universal to every metal clipless system out there and then some.  I could really see these coming in handy let’s say when you want to rent a nice road bike out of town and they only come with clipless pedals.  No problem for you if you have Fly Pedals as you can just switch those pedals up and be riding in no time!

We all have those days too when riding clipless is just annoying and makes us wish we could just get on the bike and go.  Fly Pedals will make this possible and add some style to your ride. Even better is Fly Pedals II!

 Fly Pedals II comes with all the uniqueness as the originals but is now even with a lighter low-profile design, foot-strap compatible, and off-center balance for easier starts.  The adapter is easier to install and grip as well with its 6mm Hex and finger holds.  The pedal also comes standard with traction pegs so no need to worry about slippery surface pedals. 

You can purchase online, these Fly Pedals, Available on