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How Should Padded Cycling Shorts Fit? Men’s And Women’s Guide

It's doesn't matter how long or how short you ride, you're going to want cycling shorts to make the ride more comfortable.  Your butt will thank you for it! You may only be starting out with short distances at...

What Do The Spokes Of A Bike Wheel Do And Its Purpose?

You are bike commuting to work one day and notice an obnoxious clicking noise on the back wheel of your bicycle. Several spokes on the back wheel have broken which has now caused the bicycle rim to warp and...

Do Bicycles Have To Stop At Traffic Lights & Stop Signs? (With Video)

Outdoor cycling is good when conditions are awesome and there are absolutely no cars on the road.  But in reality, that’s not always the case especially when it comes to road cycling. The intersection is known as one of...

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Cycling For Weight Loss

In the health & fitness market, Americans spend between 40 – 50 billion dollars annually on weight loss yet most of the money and time spent is wasted. One of the highest returns you can get for your time...

What Are The Benefits Of Cycling Shoes?: How They’re Made

Everyone knows one of the most important components to cyclists set up, are cycling shoes.  “Is it the shoes!”, that make the cyclists badass or is it the cyclist? Let's get real, it’s all about the skill of the cyclist...

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