When I decided to increase my riding, with the stock tires that came with my road bike, it seemed inevitable that I would have a flat each time I rode my bike. After dealing with the frustration of having to fix flats multiple times I had to find a solution to my problem.

The best thing that minimized and for the most part eliminated this problem for years now is having Continental Gator Hardshell tires Available on Amazon on my bike.  

The Gator Skin tires are not the lightest tires on the market but they are some of the most durable. Consider the wise choice to get rid of your stock tires for a more efficient road tire.


What Are These Tires Designed For


What many beginner cyclists may not know is that these tires were designed as a race training tire.  But many people claim them as a tough commuter tire. This is in fact how I have used them as well, for commuting.    It also has great puncture resistance compared to other race tires.

Depending on where you ride your bike and the conditions of the road,  certain items like staples or nails are going to go through almost anything.

Fortunately, I have been riding Continental Gator Hardshell (Available on Amazon) 700c x 28 mm tires for some years with no flats to date, so I love them.

The 700c mentioned earlier relates to the size of the wheel that these tires fit on.  The tires width, measured in millimeters is 28.

Many cyclists use these type of tires not just for race training but for everyday riding.  There is no doubt that these tires are a great all around tire that has longevity and great performance on the road.


The Truth About Gator Skin Tires (Things to Consider)


These tires are light and grip well providing great handling on the road.  Some experience better climbing with these tires and increased speed.

Although the width of the tire plays a role affecting speed, the other factor that plays a part is the rolling resistance.  Rolling resistance can be defined as the energy lost when the tire changes form while the wheel turns.

Continental Gatorskin tires have been complimented as having the lowest rolling resistance.  Therefore these tires aide in the average cycling speed of the cyclist.

Now consider some cons. Some say that the tires are soft but not the best when it comes to cornering. Cornering is when you make tight turns around a corner at various speeds.  This is considered the most universal way to bend around a corner.

Since these tires are wire beaded tires, that makes them a little more difficult to mount but provide a tight clinch on the bike rims for added security.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a tire that’s more puncture resistant than other tires and not looking to race with them, then I highly recommend Gator skin tires.


The Pros About Gator Skin Tires


Are these tires really made from gator skin?  The logical answer to this is No. Continental made these tires with a reptilian design in mind.  Also, I don’t just recommend these tires because they are handmade in Germany, but because of their quality.

The key component that sets these tires apart from others is their processing technique.  They use a feature called PolyX Breaker.

Basically, they use polyester in such way that it strengthens the side walls of the tire and around the tire itself to make is resistant to punctures.  The polyester fibers are tightly woven crosswise giving it a very high fabric density making them tough on the road.

Some cyclists have ridden thousands of miles on Gator skin tires with no real problems as long as they check them for embedded objects and applied the right tire pressure.

The 25 mm tires are rated 120 psi max.  I usually run the front and back between 90-100 and that seems to be enough pressure for riding.  Others may pump their tires more or less depending on their weight and road conditions they ride on.

Continental also has another type of tire called Duraskin.  This tire has even more sidewall protection and is extremely durable.  These tires also are lightweight despite added material and do not negatively affect rolling resistance.

According to Continental, Duraskin tires are used under the harshest conditions. “On messenger bikes, the tires skid along curbs; on touring bikes, they cross continents without wearing out.”


Are Continental Gator Skin Tires For You


If a durable, more puncture resistant and a lightweight quality tire are what you’re after then I would highly recommend you try these tires.

Considering some of the pros and cons of these tires versus other tires really help set them apart as the best all-around tire you can buy.

In addition, Continental tires have been around for years and have become the tire of choice not only for bike tires but automotive vehicles too.

Lastly, if you want for bang for your buck then you can’t go wrong with Gator Skin tires.