I see many people that still ride without wearing a helmet and think it’s cool.  

But It can’t be overemphasized enough how crucial wearing a helmet is while cycling.  You could be riding down a safe bike trail with all the bells and whistles but once you fall, and you will fall at some point, you’ll wish you had a helmet to protect that head.

The helmet I would prefer as a good entry-level helmet would be the Giro Foray Road Helmet.  This helmet will be the best value you can get for a road bike helmet.

I know helmets sometimes are not that comfortable or great looking to wear but they are meant to save your head in case of an accident.

Why I Choose The Giro Foray Road Helmet


Before getting into cycling, I use to just go to the local discount stores and buy Bell branded helmets.  But I find that the cheaper helmets may fit the bill but seem to be lacking in the feature and fit department.

Compared to the helmets at discount stores Giro helmets provide a better quality helmet at a reasonable cost.

You’ll notice that the helmets sold in these types of discount stores have just some of the basic features such as tension dials in the rear, adjustable side straps, and the rookie plastic visor apparatus.

The helmets are usually not that good looking either and they weigh a bit heavier.

Just like the Giro helmets, all these discount helmets have passed the safety guidelines by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  The certification is a standard across the board and if you find a helmet that’s not clearly identified as such, then it’s best to do your research.

Giro helmets such as the Foray Road Helmet features 21 vents that really help to cool down your head during long rides.  The vents really make the helmet feel airy. Also, the dial tensions in the rear are easy to adjust with one hand and the side straps are easy to adjust too.

You get the high-performance look and feel with Giro helmets but at a much lower price.  

The Giro Foray Road Helmet comes in different colors, such as matte black/red, blue/black/purple, black/blue, matte titanium & white, matte white/silver, matte black/white, and highlight yellow.   With a variety of colors, you can pretty much match a helmet with any cycling gear you may have!

A personal benefit to getting a Giro helmet is the stylish design and the bold Giro graphics just look amazing. Beyond just having a great-looking helmet it’s also important to have a good fit.

Impeccable Fit


I don’t know about you but I like to “lean with it/rock with it”, but when it comes to my helmet I prefer it to fit as it was designed.

Having a great fit will greatly improve your safety in road cycling.

One of the key features of the Giro Foray Road Helmet is the Roc Loc 5 fit system.

Not only can you micro-adjust this helmet but the tension and vertical positions can be changed with one hand.




What is Roc Loc 5 Fit System

This fit system is Giro’s inner locking device to provide a lightweight comfortable fitting helmet.

Excel Sports best explained this system: “It is most easily identifiable by the simple and effective rear thumb dial, which improved fit from the older two-button system and enabled Giro to reduce weight.”

According to some,  the fit is perfect and gives the head great comfort.  From my experience using this helmet, I couldn’t agree more that this helmet is a great fit and very comfortable.

Many may be surprised to find that even a cycling cap fits nicely underneath this helmet and still remains comfortable.

Now if you belong to the “big head” club, say “I”, and let me assure you that this helmet will fit you as well.

In fact, many Giro helmets, including the Foray Road Helmet, come in a large size for heads greater than 59 cm (23 inches) up to 63 cm.  If you think in terms of your hat size, the Giro helmet can measure up to a size 8.

Another added plus to this helmet is that it provides a unisex fit for adults.  So you don’t have to settle for an unsightly helmet just because it was only fitted for a specific gender.

Considering the facts, you may be convinced that this is a great starter helmet for any cyclist.

Cleaning Your Helmet


It is best practice to keep your helmet in great shape to protect its safety capabilities and keep the appearance looking nice.  No one wants to see the white crust from salty sweat build up on your side straps.

The helmet is best cleaned by delicate hand washing only and by using a non-abrasive agent that won’t damage the interior materials.

Giro has made the internal padding easy to remove since it uses velcro tabs.  Like most high-quality helmets with padding, these are soft and moisture-wicking.   Also, the straps are soft and can easily be adjusted by using the quick release buckle.

When you are out cycling on the road, your helmet may come in contact with dust, dirt, water, and debris that can build up.  The helmet was designed to protect and secure your head but if allowed to remain unclean over time will cause it to wear out fast.

If you want a suggestion on what to use to clean your helmet and straps, I highly recommend Shoe MGK Clean Shoe Cleaner Available on Amazon.com.  Now I know what you’re thinking, this is only for shoes. But trust me on this one.

The MGK Cleaner uses a non-chemical, biodegradable agent to clean and protect the material from suede to leather. It’s great for delicate items like your cycling helmet and I find that it smells nice too.

This may be a given but if you’re going to be out cycling BYOH (Bring Your Own Helmet).  Our heads can carry a lot of bacteria and germs and we don’t want to share that with others.

A good rule of thumb is to give your helmet a good wipe down with a non-chemical solution after each use.  Not only will this provide and clean helmet for next time but will eliminate bacteria from even growing in the first place.

Who Is This Helmet For


Some product reviewers will tell you that this road bike helmet is for the ideal cycling enthusiast or racer.  I get it, that it is a performance-type helmet.

But to be honest this helmet is highly recommended for commuters, casual riders, and beginner cyclists.

Going back to the reasons for choosing this helmet to consider the following:

  • Giro’s helmets are reasonably priced and made of high quality versus discount store
  • Great starter helmet for beginners and a valuable choice for avid cyclists
  • The 21 vent design allows more air to enter in and around the head
  • It’s lightweight and durable
  • Dial tensions and straps can easily be adjusted with one hand
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Features Roc Loc 5 system and makes for a great fit
  • It’s comfortable and secure on the head
  • Fits both men & women
  • Sizes range from XS to XL
  • Easy to removable parts and clean

There are many benefits to having a great helmet such as this.  Being an owner of one of these I can speak from experience that you can’t go wrong with this choice.  

You may find many helmets that may look even nicer than this one, but that may also come with a high price.  If I was just a new cyclist I would get the Giro Foray Road Helmet again.

It may be your daily helmet and you can’t go wrong with a helmet that feels right, fits tight, and meets your needs while you’re out there on the road.