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Don’t you just love going out for a ride on your bike just enjoying the environment around you only to have that moment killed by your dripping forehead after perspiring within the first hour?

If you sweat on your head or body during riding, the best thing for you to wear to protect your eyes and face from a sweat bath is a head covering or cycling cap.  I am a firm believer in this product I am about to share with you because it has saved my little “Henry Drip Head” from ruining my ride.

In fact, this cycling cap is great for cold weather as it covers your ears as well as your head!


Halo Cycling Skull Cap


If you are bald like me, covering your head becomes increasingly important since we lose more heat from our heads than the rest of our body.

I found myself using this Halo Anti-freeze Skull Cap, which was introduced to me by another cyclist.

I wear the skull cycling cap, not only during cold climates but even during the summer.  It keeps the head warm and protects the head very well. It also works really well with vented helmets.

Wearing cycling glasses underneath these cycling caps is no problem and it actually helps keep it snug underneath without moving around much.

There is an elastic band inside which is Halo’s patented “Sweat Block” technology that helps keep sweat out of your eyes and face.  That sweat block band also serves to keep the cap on your head very snug.

What’s nice about the halo cycling caps is that they are made of a thin enough material to still fit under your bike helmet while still protecting the head from sweat and cold, etc.

You really don’t want to wear something too thick underneath your helmet as it is designed to be up against your skull or head to protect during impact.  Wearing the halo skull cap will not be a problem.

Wearing a regular bandana or du-rag of some sort will not help protect your head from the weather nor will it absorb and wick away sweat as well as Halo’s product.


Additional Facts:

  • Breathable 4-way stretch microfiber fabric
  • “Sweat Block” Technology
  • Smooth, comfortable, Fitted Cap
  • Compatible under any type of helmet
  • Protects head from sun and cold climates


Related Questions


Will this headband leave a mark on your forehead?

wearing this headband and any headband for a period of time will leave a mark on your forehead.  There were times when I wore the Halo skull cap for too long and it gave me a bit of a headache and a nice new frown line, but after a few moments, this will go away.


Are there different sizes?


All of Halo’s headband products come in one-size fits all.  This with the exception of the bandana headbands which can be tied to your shaped head.


Can this be used with a big afro?


If you have a big afro, using the halo bandana, or skill cap will not support large hair underneath this. Halo has a pullover headband that’s open on the top and can be worn around the head even if you have a bike afro.  Check out the Halo Bandana Pullover, Available at Amazon.com


Is this a good cycling cap to wear indoors?


I found this cap to be perfect for indoors and I’ll tell you why.  I wore this during spin class and it was awesome.  You may get some weird stares from everyone in the room but I bet you’ll be the only one not breaking a sweat down your eyes and face.  It really helps to absorb sweat and allow you to focus on your workout without the constant need to wipe away sweat and tears off your face.


Will this cap work well in the winter?


I specifically bought this cap for the winter and found it to be just what I needed.  I can assure you that this cap will keep your head, ears, and forehead warm for your entire ride.  I live in Sacramento where we get “Real Winter”, not snowing but cold enough for the Valley.  Wearing this cycling cap has been a life saver for me during the colder months.


What if it’s not cold out, is this still a good cycling cap to wear?


To be honest this cap that I bought primary for the winter ended up being my go-to cap during the summer months too.  I just folded the side flaps up into my bike helmet and went about my ride. If you don’t mind the extra padding look when you flip the side panels up then tuck them underneath.


Can you machine wash this cycling cap?


In my experience using this over the last 2 years, I have not experienced problems washing it in the machine wash.  I usually wash it with my cycling gear being mindful to use with a mild or sensitive laundry detergent. The best part about this cycling cap is that it has not stretched out, shrunk or lost its sweat block capability!


Is this cap only for cyclists?


You can use this cap for whatever activity you’re into.  I personally wear it cycling, but other people who run or hike have found this to work extremely well.  Once again this is great for blocking sweat from dripping down your eyes and keeping the head warm.


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