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As a beginner road cyclist, I started out getting whatever recommended bike gear was cheap and or on sale.  Through trial and error though, I found myself later having to buy bike gear with better quality and durability.  The cheap stuff just did not hold up well over time with repetitive use.

Some of the items on this page are either bike gear I personally use or bike gear I recommend.  This is not the most high-end bike gear out there but will be reasonably priced with some exceptions.

At the beginning of your journey in finding the bike gear that’s best suited for you, it is advised not to go out and break the bank on every item that is out on the market.  Do some research and read reviews such as the ones mentioned on this site and make an informed decision.

Don’t let anyone tell you that cycling is a cheap sport!   Cycling is one of the most expensive sports to get into, and some recommended bike gear can be a bit pricey especially if you decide to participate in competitive cycling.  Although bike gear can be bought at relatively low prices, it comes down to, “you get what you pay for”.

It is very important to invest in the things that will protect your body, such as the head, eyes, and feet.  Selecting a good quality helmet, anti-fog cycling glasses, or cycling shoes can be the best purchase you will ever make as a cyclist.

Among some other things, you want to make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible.  Along with having a comfortable ride, it’s important to have a safe bike to ride that will last for a while.

You can avoid some of the pitfalls that come with low-quality bike gear such as an injured head from a faulty helmet design, numb feet with used cycling shoes, and frequent flats with used tires.  I encourage you to check out some of the recommended bike gear below and to see what is available to you.





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